Wladimiro Boccali

Coordinatore generale di CodeWayExpo 21 – 22

In 1990 he was elected municipal councilor and also became president of the Municipal Council for Immigration. In 1996 he became president of ARCI Perugia and member of the national management of the Italian Recreational and Cultural Association until 1999. Year in which he ran for municipal elections and became councilor. Until 2004 he held the role of councilor for social cohesion policies and then received the delegation of councilor for urban planning and private construction until 2009. he wins the municipal elections of 2009 and becomes mayor of Perugia. In 2010 he was appointed president of ANCI Umbria and then also president of the Transport and Mobility Commission of the National Association of Italian Municipalities. In 2012 he left his post and received the delegation from the Civil Protection Commission of ANCI. During his mandate as mayor, he supported the joint candidacy of Perugia and Assisi for European Capital of Culture 2019. In 2014 he ran again in view of the administrative elections but was defeated in the run-off on June 8 by the center-right candidate Andrea Romizi. In 2015 he was appointed President of Perseo Sirio (Supplementary pension fund for workers in the Public Administration and Healthcare). Since 2018 he is Consultant and General Coordinator of CodeWayExpo.