Marcello Rossi

CNAPPC National Councilor

I'm Marcello Rossi, architect, born in 1966 in Milan, where I live. I did classical studies and graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with Cino Zucchi. Until 1997 I worked and lived mainly abroad, in Brazil and Nigeria. Since 1997 I have been working exclusively as a freelancer. In 2000 I founded the Consalez Rossi architects associate studio. The main field of activity of the firm, thanks to the victory and realization of some public design competitions, is public architecture, in particular social housing, schools and spaces for the community. The construction of the Via Civitavecchia neighborhood in the Lambro park, winner of the international competition launched by the municipality of Milan in 2005, is studied as a case of integration between landscape design, distribution of open space and the importance of services for the community. I have always been involved in social projects in the third sector and international cooperation, with projects conceived, curated and implemented in Italy, Brazil, Cameroon and Israel. I have been a consultant to various industrial groups as responsible for the preparation of masterplans for the development of industrial plant projects, taking care of the strategic aspects of new settlements and the relationship procedures between the company and the various players in the process. In particular, I have designed electrical and thermal energy production plants in Italy and Poland. I have been collaborating with the Order of Milan since 2000, until 2013 as secretary of the Plots Commission, currently as Treasurer Advisor and as a delegate for the Lombardy Regional Council of the PPC Orders of Architects. I am a member of the CNAPPC Operating Group of the Architecture System - Orientation Space, and I coordinate the work table for the professional internships of the Politecnico di Milano and the Lombard Consultancy, which has 60 internships in progress.