Gianfranco Belgrano

Journalist Internationalia

Born in Palermo in 1973, Gianfranco Belgrano is a journalist with a long experience on Middle Eastern and African issues. After graduating in Modern Literature at the University of Palermo, he studied Arabic in Tunis and Damascus, then worked for several years in London dealing with human rights.In 2001, after returning to Italy, he began working as a journalist at the newspaper L'Ora, to then move - after various experiences in the press - to the Misna news agency where he dealt with international politics following political developments and economies of the Middle East and Africa.Over the years, he has collaborated with periodicals, newspapers, radio and television stations and is one of the authors of the book “Volti Parole” (2011). Whenever he can, he travels to the areas of his interest to create reports, services and insights; the love of traveling - shared with his wife and two children - is one of the ingredients that he considers fundamental for his profession.In 2012, together with a group of colleagues and friends from Misna, he founded Internationalia, an editorial group designed to deal with foreign affairs with competence, adapting the coverage of this specific area to the highest international levels.Currently, Internationalia carries out three information services centered on Africa: InfoAfrica, a daily news agency, Africa e Affari, a printed economic monthly, and the Africa magazine. Within the group, Gianfranco Belgrano occupies the position of editorial director. Internationalia also curates Infomundi, an online daily newsletter entirely dedicated to international issues.