Fabrizio Damiani

CRI - Senior Program Officer for Europe and Central Asia

In 1993 Dr. Fabrizio Damiani graduated in Biological Sciences by discussing an experimental thesis entitled: "Study on RNA editing of orf522 in the mitochondrial genome of the CMS89 line of Girasole", and reporting the grade of 110/110 with honors. In 1997 he obtained a specialization diploma in Biotechnological Applications at the University of Bari, discussing an experimental thesis entitled: "Complexity of the mitochondrial genome of Avena (Avena sativa)", reporting the mark of 50/50 with honors. In 2002 he obtained the title of PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a thesis entitled: Study of the expression of genes for tRNA in the mitochondria of higher plants. Since 2002 he has worked in the laboratory of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies of the University of Salento as a laboratory technician. Since 2006 he has been a tenured researcher in the scientific-disciplinary sector bio / 11 Molecular Biology at the University of Salento. In 2017 he obtained the National Scientific Qualification for the role of Associate Professor in the BIO / 11 Molecular Biology sector.