Notice to all exhibiting companies, visitors and participants.

We hereby inform you that some companies, with similar presentation and names, in different parts of the world, with website ending, or other different from this website, propose participation in projects and/or initiatives that claim to be connected to our event, but which have nothing to do with our event and with Fiera Roman Srl. For this purpose, we specify that: The event, conference and exhibition named CODEWAY COOPERATION DEVELOPMENT EXPO is organized by Fiera Roma Srl, and its authorized and only website is: www.codewayexpo.comThe only authentic, active and operating e-mail accounts connected to are / Codeway Cooperation Development Expo has not appointed any entity, company and/or organization as representative, and/or appointed any other agent whatsoever to act in the name and on behalf of the organizers in any aspect. All relations, correspondence, activities of any kind, promotional, commercial, institutional, or operational are directed and coordinated by Fiera Roma Srl, Rome office, Via Portuense n. 1645 - 47, 00148 ROME (Italy), official website We also specify that the aforementioned companies HAVE NOT BEEN AUTHORIZED BY US to use our name and/or the brands connected to us. Therefore, there is an arbitrary and illegitimate use of the distinctive signs of others, in order to create misunderstandings in the recipients of the aforementioned communications. Furthermore, it is understood that Fiera Roma Srl has not contracted out or placed under contract to any entity, company, agency the performance of the activities related to the event. In the event that you receive forms, proposals to participate in CODEWAY COOPERATION DEVELOPMENT EXPO, or any other initiative connected to the event, from sources other than those indicated above, therefore not attributable to the authentic website or , we invite you to pay MAXIMUM ATTENTION, taking into account the above.